Opening day
Saturday, September 29th!

Open September 29, 2018 to October 31, 2018
(half day on 31st)

Operating Hours:
Open at 11am to Dusk*
Open at 10am to Dusk*

NOTE: we have field trips running weekday mornings before we open

*Dusk is around 6:30-7:00pm


Tickets / Entry

School Field Trips

Birthday Parties
& Group Events

Business Events

Phone: (209) 394-4444


Billykens' Blasters

1/2 acre western town shooting gallery
As a small boy, Farmer Wil’s Grandpa lovingly called him Billykens. So when our half acre Wild West oversized shooting gallery was installed, it was named Billykens’ Blasters as a nod to Grandpa. At Billykens’ Blasters, attraction goers trade their token for “ammo” and get a cannon. Then they can choose which favorite outlaw or critter to “blast.” Watch out for the skunk….he’s a stinker!

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